Laturi energy test

This patented, prize-winning energy test was designed by Oulu-based company Laturi Oy. It will give you information on your health, physical fitness and coping. The energy test combines commonly used health indicators and has derived an energy index based on them. The energy index means the number of hours of energy available to you for work and recreation while you are awake. The test has two phases; after registration, the person conducting the test will send you

a link to the online Laturi service by email. When you click the link and log in, you will need to answer a couple of questions concerning your workload and level of energy and fill in your preliminary information. Based on the preliminary information, the test conductor will set up the indicators required to perform your test. If you are monitoring your blood pressure, record your values; otherwise your blood pressure will be measured in conjunction with the test. First, you will undergo a Polar Own Index test

intended to assess your endurance fitness. The heart rate monitor will be set up with your personal information and the test will measure your resting heart rate variability for approximately five minutes. Next, you will have your blood pressure and waist circumference measured. Last, you will undergo muscle endurance tests, i.e. abdominal and lower and upper extremity muscle performance, as well as flexibility and balance measurements.  

Preparing for the test: avoid intense exertion on the previous day. Avoid heavy meals for approximately 2 hours before the test. Casual indoor exercise clothes. Do not drink alcohol during the test or the night before.

After the test, the person conducting the test will feed the results to the online Laturi service and you will receive your results by email later. A group of 4 x 10, duration per group 1 h 15 min, i.e. a total of 5 hours and a joint 15-min. feedback session at the end of the day.  

Price €49/person

We primarily recommend the above protocol. However, if you like, we can also complete the test as a non-exercise questionnaire. This will take less time, but will only provide indicative results.